[Introduction of store limited items]

THE HW DOG&CO. I'm Endo.
This time, we will introduce the Harajuku store limited items and limited colors that are currently available at the store.
1, D-00545/UNIFORM CAP
Color: BLACK
Size: Free
It is a cotton twill cap with "HW DOG / THE CASE FOR BEING RECKLESS" printed on the front. The simple black and white coloring makes it suitable for a variety of styling.
Color: BORD
Size: Free
A cap with "AGLOE" embroidered on the front.
The name "AGLOE" began in the 1910s when a map production company marked a fictitious city called "AGLOE" on a map to prevent plagiarism. A shop with a name was made , and it became like a real town. It is a fictitious town with such an episode.
Color: NAVY
Size: 40
*Sizes other than the above are sold out.
Based on the News Paper Boys Cap, named after the hat worn by poor children delivering newspapers during the Great Depression in the 1930s, the fabric is made of Ventile fabric.
Ventile fabric is a fabric that was used for British pilot uniforms during World War II. Although it is cotton, it is highly waterproof and durable because it is quite dense .
Color: CAMEL
Size: free
The front of the cap is printed with a portrait of José Marti, a leader and philosopher of the Cuban independence movement who had a great influence on Cuban revolutionary hero Castro and Che Guevara.
I often see T-shirts with portraits printed on them, but I don't think you'll see portraits on caps.
Size: Free
Large Basque beret made of 100% wool. This beret was born in the Basque region on the border of France and Spain. The silhouette is flat and not three-dimensional , and the Basque beret is said to be the origin of the beret.
The sliding inside the hat is made of the same fabric knit, so it is elastic.
Please use it as a reference when purchasing.
The products introduced this time can actually be worn at the store, so please come and visit us.
Thank you for reading to the end.