THE HW DOG&CO. I'm Endo.
Here is the hat that I will introduce today.
Size: 36/38/40
Continuing from last year, we made this flight cap again this season, but this season we used Harris Tweed fabric. Last year, the clasp was a ribbon, but this season we changed it to a button, and we used the 4-split button that was actually used at the time.
At that time, it was used by the military of various countries as a pilot's winter gear, and most of them had leather on the outer surface and fur on the lining.
This is the flight cap of a Japanese soldier at that time.
At that time, Japan was short of supplies, so it is said that rat hair was also used.
As a feature of the flight cap, you can enjoy wearing it in many ways with one hat. Please enjoy various ways to wear it according to your own style and mood.
Put down your earmuffs
raise the dice
By lowering the brim facing backwards, you can also protect your neck from the cold.
In addition to flight caps, this season we also have caps using Harris Tweed ( D-00611/HT BB CAP ) and newsboys ( D-00609/HT PK CAP ), so please take a look.
It has a boa and is a voluminous hat, so please use it for styling the headwear. The top can be simply paired with a cardigan for a look. for your information.
You can see the hats we introduced today on our online store.
Thank you for reading to the end.