Purchasing hats from the ONLINE STORE

Choosing a hat size when purchasing

Choosing the right size for your hat is very important.
At THE HWDOG&CO, in order to use the hat that suits our customers for a long time,
We also offer free size exchanges.
For customers to know their own head size
Please measure your own "actual head size".
First, with a tape measure at hand, etc.
"middle part of the forehead"
"The most protruding part of the back of the head"
"The part 1 cm above the left and right ears"
Measure one circumference horizontally around the head based on the four points.
The measured size will be the actual size of your head.
For soft hats
The actual size of the head you measured is added by 0.5 cm to 1.0 cm,
The hat has a moderate amount of room, and it will be the "hat size" that we recommend.
The shape of a hard hat does not fit well on the head,
For customers with special head shapes,
We recommend that you choose a size slightly larger than your soft hat. rice field
However, this is only a basic guideline,
If you have room to spare, choose a larger size,
If you prefer a slightly tighter fit, choose a smaller size.


All hats are carefully handcrafted by craftsmen.
by design and shape
The actual size may differ from the displayed size.
To use a more suitable hat
Please contact us by email or phone before purchasing
We will provide you with a suitable hat.
At that time, the actual size of your head
Desired product information (product name, product number)
Please also specify.​
Phone number 03-6427-9011
Email us info@thehwdogandco.com