[Introduction of knit cap]

THE HW DOG&CO. I'm Endo.
This time, we would like to introduce the knit caps currently available in the store.
We currently have a total of 5 types of knit caps available in the store, so we hope you will know the feeling of wearing each.
*Colors other than the above are sold out.
Size: free
Knit cap made with 100% merino wool yarn.
A simple knit cap with 4 strips that is easy to handle because it is knitted with a high gauge. Since it does not have a peculiarity of folding, you can adjust the depth of the covering, fold it twice, and wear it according to your own style.
Color: WINE
*Colors other than the above are sold out.
Size: free
Based on the knit cap worn by USNAVY in the 1940s.
Strongly attached wool thread is used to create a hard and tight finish.
The hem is hemline knitted, the crown body is hemline knitted, and the ceiling is full-needle knitted with the same details as at the time.
Size: Free
A knit cap with a small bonbon attached to the ceiling based on the classic D WATCH in the fall and winter season.
The ribs are designed with a weft pattern.
I don't think you see many small bonbon knits.
Color: WHITE
*Colors other than the above are sold out.
Size: free
Knit cap using natural wool with long pile.
It is a low gauge and has the original stiff texture of wool.
It features a voluminous silhouette compared to other knit caps.
If you are looking for a knit cap because the cold season continues,
Please use it as a reference when purchasing.
The knit caps introduced this time can actually be worn at the store, so please come and visit us.
Thank you for reading to the end.